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Weed Science Publications

Weed Science Publications

Weed Science Publications

Field Crop Publications

Weed Control Guide - (AGR-6)

AGR-06 Cover

A Comprehensive Guide to Soybean Management in Kentucky (ID-249)
(the weed control section is in Chapter 6, page 39 of this publication)

Palmer Amaranth and Waterhemp Continue to Expand Across Kentucky

Forage Crop Publications

Alfalfa and Legume Crops Publications and Articles:

  • Weed Control Strategies for Alfalfa and Other Forage Legume Crops - (AGR-148)

Grass Pastures and Hay Fields Publications and Articles:

  • Practicing Good Stewardship When Applying Herbicides for Pasture Weed Control (AGR-219)
  • Broadleaf Weeds of Kentucky Pastures (AGR-207)
  • Weed Management in Grass Pastures, Hayfields, and other Farmstead Sites (AGR-172)
  • Managing Steep Terrain for Livestock Forage Production (Weed Control) (ID-158)
  • Weed Management Options for Grass Pastures Following a Dry Summer (PDF)
  • Removal of Tall Fescue from Kentucky Bluegrass Pastures (PDF)
  • Weed Control Decisions Begin in Late Winter - Master Grazer Article, February 2012

Non-Crop and Invasive Vegetation Management Publications

Numbered Publications:

  • Kudzu Identification and Control in Kentucky (AGR-186)

The following publications are available on the Rights-of-Way Web Page

  • Annual Research Reports
  • Application technology
  • Invasive Species Weed Management
  • Unimproved Turf Management
  • Total Vegetation Control
  • Tall Fescue Seedhead Suppression
  • Woody Plant Control
  • Surfactants and Other Adjuvants
  • Non-crop Herbicides in the Environment

College of Agriculture Extension Publications

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