Weed Science
Weed Science

Weed Science Graduate Programs

Weed Science Graduate Programs

Weed Science Graduate Programs

Philosophy - We endeavor to develop long term relationships with our students and strive to prepare them for a host of real world employment opportunities.

Degree Programs:

Masters in Integrated Plant and Soil Sciences (IPSS)
Ph.D. in Integrated Plant and Soil Sciences (IPSS)

(Concentrations in Weed Science are available in both Masters and Ph.D. programs)

Director of Graduate Studies for IPSS (for general information):  Mark Coyne

Weed Science Graduate Faculty and Interests:

Michael Barrett - Herbicide selectivity, resistance, and mode of action in plants 
J. D. Green - Pasture and grain crops 
Erin Haramoto - Integrated weed management, cover crops
Travis Legleiter - Weed management in Corn, Soybean, and Wheat;  Herbicide Resistant Weed Management;  Herbicide Application Techniques

Featured Alumni:

  • Nicholas Fleitz, M.S. 2017, Agronomist, Pentair-Hypro
  • Alexandra P. Williams, Ph.D. 2013, Technical Expert, Environmental Fate, Syngenta
  • Whitney C. Monin, M.S. 2014, Channel Technical Agronomist, Monsanto
  • Tara B. Lewis, M.S., 2014, Ph.D. Candidate, Washington State University
  • Jennifer Ralston, Ph.D. 2001, Regional Business Director, Monsanto
  • Jason Ferrell, M.S. 2000,  Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Agronomy, University of Florida

Research of Recent Weed Science Graduates:

Contact Information

105 Plant Science Building Lexington, KY 40506-0312