Non-Crop & Invasive Vegetation Management

This specialty area of weed science focuses on vegetation management issues along highway and utility rights-of-way, herbaceous and woody plant control, invasive species control and site reclamation, and industrial and private landowner non-crop vegetation management.  The Highway Vegetation Management Research Project is made possible through a grant from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. Only through their continued support does this project continue.


The Non-Crop & Invasive Vegetation Management Research Project began in January 2004 to support the roadside management activities of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. By January of 2007, this project expanded to include all types of non-crop vegetation management research including invasive species control and site reclamation, woody plant management for utilities and other entities, wildflower and native warm season grass establishment, GIS applications, and herbicide persistence in the non-crop environment. The main focus of the NC-IVM Research Project is roadside vegetation management and related issues. We hope to continue current research with the continued support of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and others in the vegetation management industry.

  • Kudzu Identification and Control in Kentucky (AGR-186)