Forage Crop Publications

Grass Pastures and Hay Fields Publications and Articles:

  • Practicing Good Stewardship When Applying Herbicides for Pasture Weed Control (AGR-219)
  • Broadleaf Weeds of Kentucky Pastures (AGR-207)
  • Weed Management in Grass Pastures, Hayfields, and other Farmstead Sites (AGR-172)
  • Managing Steep Terrain for Livestock Forage Production (Weed Control) (ID-158)
  • Weed Management Options for Grass Pastures Following a Dry Summer (PDF)
  • Removal of Tall Fescue from Kentucky Bluegrass Pastures (PDF)
  • Weed Control Decisions Begin in Late Winter - Master Grazer Article, February 2012

Alfalfa and Legume Crops Publications and Articles:

  • Weed Control Strategies for Alfalfa and Other Forage Legume Crops - (AGR-148)

Non-Crop and Invasive Vegetation Management Publications

Numbered Publications:
  • Kudzu Identification and Control in Kentucky (AGR-186)

The following publications are available on the Rights-of-Way Web Page

  • Annual Research Reports
  • Application technology
  • Invasive Species Weed Management
  • Unimproved Turf Management
  • Total Vegetation Control
  • Tall Fescue Seedhead Suppression
  • Woody Plant Control
  • Surfactants and Other Adjuvants
  • Non-crop Herbicides in the Environment


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