Other names: Chinese milet; giant bristle grass

Life Cycle:  Warm season summer annual; reproduces by seed. New plants germinate in late spring through mid-summer.  Seed are produced from July to September followed by plant death in the fall.

Description:  Stems are erect with long tapering leaf blades.  The ligule in the collar region is a fringe of short, white hairs.  Seed heads are bristly with a cylindrical, “fox tail” like appearance.  Root system is fibrous.

Giant foxtail (Setaria faberi) is the largest species with numerous hairs on the upper leaf surface and on the margins of the sheath.  Seed heads often drop or have a nodding appearance.  Giant foxtail is commonly found in thin, bare areas and/or closely mowed turf; or heavy traffic areas; grows in areas of full sun.

Herbicide options: